Ishaq hassan's Letter

To the future,

If there’s some reason this, I hope the environment is more safe and kept clean.
I hope that you didn’t have the same problem as me over like sea levels, rising ice in the article was melted around 1 million species basics to extinction due to climate change. So I hope the health of our earth is very good.
Your ancestors tried their best to keep the Earth in best condition they could. We all care very much about your future and yours after need to reduce climate change. If climate change is still a problem today it might be too late.
Is there air you can breathe clearly? Is the lushes green valleys? Is there beautiful green forests?
Every day we see more people taking a stand to give the world ends of a better future. I hope everyone in your present day is safe. I also hope that climate change is no longer harming out planet and if it is everyone is helping to stop and take a stand to climate change.


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