Sue Nalton's Letter

My future families ,

Hi all, l hope you and your generation have the beauty of a healthy inheritance in nature, of greenery, different climates and all that we used to enjoy. With weather and creatures that amaze and astound you, that you respect and all of which you care for, in the present and for future people to come.
However you do it - keep understanding that all of that is the ‘future’, has been created to go on and that Humanity has been the downfall of our world. The changes in my life time now are being made to try to save what we have been destroying for decades with a society that wants, wants, wants regardless of the consequences. We don’t need all the manufacturing of the plastics, the non recycling products that are just discarded, we don’t need much of all that is actually costing the world so, but our greed, ‘Wants’ what it wants.
Be different love,care, protect, respect your world, be mindful of your behaviour and habits, spending, working, eating. Enjoy xx

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