Sheila 's Letter

To my children,,

Firstly I have to apologise for being part of the generation which really messed up our planet. We travelled by plane on holiday because we could, used single-use plastic because it made life easier, consumed foods which were transported from the other side of the globe because they tasted good, and generally did not look after our precious planet for you.
For the past few years we have been doing everything we can to reverse the damage done but I fear that, without changes made on a national, and international scale, you will live in a world plagued by the consequences of climate change.
I hope that our, and other governments can see the need to all work together to preserve our wildlife and our planet. That they can all move towards green energy with a sense of urgency; that there is much greater investment in overland, greener public transport; that people can be persuaded that foreign travel by plane is not a badge of honour, but something that should be saved for necessity; that we can move away from a consumerist society, to one which cares about our neighbours and our environment; and that we can move away from relying on plastics, completely avoiding single-use plastics.
If we all pull together now, there is still the hope that you and your children can enjoy world full of wildlife, beauty, vegetation, and clean air. I hope and pray that we have done enough for you.
Love from,
Mum 💚🌎 💙

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