Laila James's Letter

people in the future,

Dear future people,
I am writing to you to talk about ECO- friendly decisions and why they are important also i am going to tell you what i want to change about some peoples decisions in our world.

Firstly littering, i am a person who despises littering i don't support people who think it's ok to litter because its not you may think its just a piece of rubbish but it can also kill animals if they go to eat it.
Secondly, these rules are important because they are saving our environment so if you follow these rules you are helping our world stay alive and keep i healthy.
Next, i think its very important for everyone to know that animals are getting hurt by some peoples negative actions.
Finally, 3.5 - 7 billion trees are getting cut down each YEAR! this is giving our world less oxygen and animals less homes so please if your a person that litters or is not eco-friendly just think about changing our world to a better place.

From Laila James

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