Brian 's Letter

To my great grand-daughter Ruby,

I shall never know the world you are living in All I can know is that you will suffer the consequences of the uncaring world we live in today, and I beg your forgiveness for that. What I do want you know is that for over half a century I and many others have been trying to persuade the polititians, the rich and all those in power to row back from catastrophic climate meltdown. But they have ignored us, seeming happy to condemn even their own children to suffer the consequences of their inaction.
Where they should have used their power to promote stability they chose growth, despite the fact that only so much growth is possible on a finite planet. Perhaps best put in the question " How many times can you eat an orange?" Dear Ruby you knew the answer to that, even at the age of two.
If there is to be a better future it must come from the young, alongside all those with invaluable indigenous knowledge, melded together with those more mature with the ability to rapidly put in place the changes necessary.
Gaia, Mother Earth, is very resilient and given the chance can rapidly recover so that we have butterflies, birds, bees, buttercups, bangers and all the cornucopia of wild nature living and thriving alongside us. And all this with a genuinely caring humanity so that everyone can live a decent life with every basic necessity to hand.
I am old and very tired, but while I still have breath I will do what I can. I tried my best is all I can say. With love and hope.

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