Bonnie Wright's Letter

To the tomorrow I hope for you, future earthlings,

I hope for a place of kindness, where people respect each other and fairly share the planet’s gifts.

I hope for a place of purpose, alive with the change that happens when we work together for the common good.

I hope for a place of power, transformed by working together on incredible solutions we can’t find alone.

I hope for a place of sharing, where good replaces greed and those already isolated or impacted by climate change are supported, not stigmatised.

I hope for a place of balance, where the places we live, the people we love and the things we do coexist together.

I hope this future comes very soon.

Right now, we are already seeing the impacts of not having a world like this.

We’re seeing people suffer the impact of climate change flooding their homes and forcing them to flee to safety. We’re seeing outdated fossil fuel usage pollute the air we breathe and damage our health. We’re seeing extreme weather, like heat, fires and storms, disrupt our lives and affect the parkland, coast and buildings we love.

I hope this changes.

I hope our leaders listen to what we’ve learned in the last few years: no-one is an island. We are all connected, we all rely on each other, what happens in one place affects us all. No issue or decision or life happens in isolation.

To be human is to be in community with each other. From this, a more hopeful place follows.

My greatest hope for tomorrow is that leaders remember that. The people know it already.

With love and hope
Author of GO GENTLY and founder of the GO GENTLY community, actor and filmmaker

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