Carl Bunnage's Letter

To the descendants of Peep Peep, Sage and Snowey, ,

I really hope that you are there to read this. How are you? How are you surviving? Is there still fruit, worms and seeds to eat? Do you still have water? How are you surviving the long periods of extreme weather? Just how?

It wasn't your predecessors' fault. They did nothing wrong. They inspired me during dark times. They trusted me and came onto the kitchen doormat for cheese and blueberries during the breeding season. They lived within Earth's means. They inspired me, and they should have inspired other humans too.

Why - because it was the humans' fault. All of this. They chose not to live within Earth's limits even when they knew that the consequences would be catastrophic. They thought they were clever, but were really only driven by short term greed. We had our worst leaders just when it mattered most. Our own Prime Minister pretended to care about the environment but was no better than the rest. He even chose to not be bothered to go to a global climate summit. He even stopped the King going. And why, not to distract from sorting out short-term economic problems that the government had largely caused in the short-term interests of his own political party's survival.

What did I do? Well, I tried to do my best. I protested and campaigned and tried to get people to take the nature and climate emergency seriously. I changed my career so that I could fight for nature's survival. It paid me less but that wasn't the point. I tried to keep my carbon footprint down. I cared and looked after wildlife and nature wherever I could. I bought organic nature-friendly food and didn't fly even though I'd dearly love to. I tried gently to get other people to question their own actions in the hope that it might start to make some things socially unacceptable. I voted for politicians who I thought would do the most to safeguard all our futures, but mostly yours.

So please don't think too badly of me. Also I wasn't alone. Many, many others are trying to do their best too, with many being extraordinarily brave. Much braver than our leaders. Young people are now beginning to realise what is important. That gives me hope, but I really fear that our leaders are not up to it and that all living beings on Earth will pay the price. You see, they are only driven by short term self-interest and greed. It's a failing of so many humans.

I really hope you are there. Be proud of your predecessors, of Peep Peep, Sage, Snowy and all that followed. Be proud of those good humans that tried their best for you against the odds.

But on behalf of all of those that didn't step forwards and try then I can only say sorry. I know, it's pathetic and nowhere near enough is it.

Sorry little ones.

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