Mya-Rose Craig's Letter

Dear Mya-Rose,

You’re 30 years old now. I’m writing this to you from the past, with hope for the future.

My hopes for you:

I hope you still remember what authenticity looks like?

I hope you are fearless in what and how you are fighting. I hope the energy you have hasn’t dimmed. I hope you’re never letting yourself be compromised by trying to fit in or trying to "get on".

You know that’s not how change happens.

I know you will still be fighting against racism wherever you need to.

And I know you will still be fighting for our planet too.

When you’re 30, it will be 2032. Ten years from now. Past our target for net zero. It’s a long time – half your lifetime so far - but it will be here before we know it.

You’ve already made your voice heard on the need for urgent action on climate change. I hope that you speaking up - and raising others up - means we have been successful in reducing carbon emissions as quickly as we had to. I hope it’s had the impact we know it can.

Whilst I write at twenty, people are already feeling the devastating effects of climate change. I hope the people who needed to, finally listened. I hope they saw climate change isn’t far off in the future, it’s already here. I hope they took the action so obviously needed.

I hope standing up for the planet has protected the people, places and things that matter most to you. I hope it’s started to make the world fairer.

I hope you still love these things fiercely: nature, birding, family. Especially, your sister Ayesha, niece Laila and nephew Lucas. I hope we are all as close as ever.

I hope that you have good mental health.

I hope you are happy.

Most, I hope you can say “Together, we made a difference to tomorrow.”

From Mya-Rose

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