Michael Francis's Letter

To my daughter Grace,

The year now is twenty twenty two and for your future I write to you,
During this winter of discontent know that I among many did not relent,
Our world, our planet, our sacred mother earth destroyed by the children it so lovingly birthed,
Through selfishness, greed and stubborn ignorance let not those who failed to act claim any innocence,
Loss of habitats for creatures great and small we too stand among them and cannot let them fall,
Our climate is in peril by the use of fossil fuels by failing to act we became fossil fools,
Our time as a species is fast becoming nigh let's not dwell on the mistakes of days gone by,
Green economics we now must all sow for future generations to reap and to grow,
Or "too late, too late" will be your cries when lying beneath the poisonous skies,
Know once upon a time love used to live here and our hopes were not idle though tormented by fear,
If we continue on this path the outcome is clear please make the changes now for all that we hold dear!

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