Caroline Kordecki 's Letter

To my children and grandchildren ,

I'm so sorry that this planet is warming so much more quickly than we can mitigate effectively. Achieving net zero at 2050 seems unachievable and is still too late. Adaptation is the only hope we have now. It breaks my heart to think of what environmental losses and species extinctions will occur over your lifetimes. Even worse is the thought I have not done enough to protect you from the precarious future I am terrified that you will have to contend with. I love you so much and would give my life to save you in a heartbeat but I'm overwhelmed by the scale of what needs to be done. I'm frustrated and angry with the lack of political will to protect our future generations and people and different species around the world. Those in power just seem to care about money, power and their own convenience. My hope is that enough people will realise what's at stake in time and be proactive in demanding a better future than the one that's facing us. All my love Mum and Nana

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