Denise Long's Letter

To all who share this amazing planet ,

At least I hope it’s still amazing and will be steadily healing from all the damage caused by past generations; especially ours

At this time, we can no longer bury our heads in the sand and ignore what is happening around us. The Earth and all it’s inhabitants are crying out for us to stop the destruction. We are so fortunate to have this stunningly beautiful planet as our home and yet, despite all the warnings, we continue to trash it. For a supposedly intelligent species, it seems pretty dumb that we’re destroying the very basis of our own existence

But there are many people who care deeply about what’s happening and momentum for change is gathering pace. Hopefully we will persuade our politicians that they must stop thinking only with the next election in mind. They must stop bowing to the will of huge multinational corporations who think primarily in terms of profits. Instead, they must listen to ordinary citizens who are entitled to clean air, unpolluted waterways and a rich web of life in all its glorious diversity

We are standing on the edge of a precipice, but hopefully if you are reading this letter, it means that decision makers have acted at the eleventh hour. From where we are now, WE CANNOT AFFORD TO DELAY ANY LONGER!

We realise we have a responsibility to you to pass on our home in a far better state than it is now. Otherwise, you will look back with condemnatory eyes and say “They knew what was happening, why didn’t they do anything about it?”
Well, some of us are and I truly, deeply hope that you will be reaping the benefits. If so, you will be living on a far better planet than we have now; one fit for humankind and all the other creatures that share it

Please take better care of it than we did; it deserves our love and respect

With very best wishes


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