macie wise's Letter

dear future ,

Dear future people,
I am writing to you to talk to you about ECO friendly environments and decisions and why they are important in the world today and any other day, and i am also gonna talk to you about other peoples decisions .

Firstly, littering why i choose littering is because all the animals in the ocean are passing away, and my second reason for this is that there are a lot of rubbish just laying all around on are streets and making it look not as nice as it would if there weren't as much rubbish just laying around on are floors and streets.

Secondly, trees why i am so keen on are trees is because approximately 7 billion are year are being chopped down for wood furnitures, paper, pencils and much more . The reason for this is because trees give us oxygen, and if so many are being chopped down we wont be able to survive.

Your sincerely,
Macie Wise

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