Isabella's Letter

To the future climate movement,

Tomorrow is not a gift; it is a given. At least it should be.
Questions about tomorrow are ignored today. The climate crisis is still that resounding alarm amidst a gaggle of ‘leaders’ with an obnoxious affection for the snooze.

The security of the next generation’s environment should be promised, not framed as a privilege. But tomorrow is lost in mindless political disputes and greenwashed policy pretence as the environment loses time and again to thoughtless governance.

To find tomorrow, today we must all become climate campaigners investing in our own education and that of those around us. The community of climate campaigners is not exclusive. You don’t need qualifications or experience. There is no hierarchy, no ceiling to break, no secret initiation. But to survive, it needs to grow.

To ensure tomorrow, we need action today by encouraging new voices into the community of climate campaigning. With government fists gripped so tightly on profit and visions entranced by the roll of the moneymoneymoney they can’t hear us plead for fresh air, clean water, stable weather, less waste, and safe resources and ecosystems. They can’t hear us as we guide them towards greener, sustainable solutions.

The enemy of lazy climate reform policy is the volume of its counter movement. This counter movement challenges world leaders to

• Secure net-zero emissions
• Establish biodiversity protection and renewal programmes
• Transfer with rapid efficiency to renewable energy sources to prioritise planet survival over ancient fossil fuel profit schemes
• Meaningfully invest in agriculture
• Sanction unsustainable business e.g., fast fashion
• Partner with counter-deforestation organisations
• Invest in responsible education on the climate crisis and how to mitigate it

The use of your voice today, reduces the need of it tomorrow – we hope.

Generation Hope

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