Bay Garnett's Letter

To my children and future grandchildren,

Right now, I’m worried about your future.
I want it to be not only possible but beautiful and alive - as my generation has had it.

As I write this, Mother Nature is hurting.
It breaks my heart that it’s not because of anything you’ve done but you are the ones living with the consequences if things don’t change.

Already, you’re seeing more extreme weather, fires and floods than we ever did as kids. I fear it will only get worse. I don’t want you breathing polluted air. I don’t want the countryside and coast we’ve loved visiting to disappear. I don’t want you forced from your home because of rising sea levels. I don’t want more animals and insects driven to the brink of extinction because of humans. I don’t want you and your generation to have to worry about food.

The people now in power need to see what we all can: they must act.

If not now, WHEN?
If not them, WHO?
If not to improve your tomorrow, WHY?


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