Màiri Morrison's Letter

To a special grandson,

Yesterday was a very special day. It marked five years, since aged 10, you rang the bell marking the end of your leukaemia treatment at your local children's hospital. So many people from all over the world helped to look after you and global co-operation has been responsible for your recovery. Our planet needs an even more collaborative cure, if its illnesses are to receive the treatment you did. Let's put an end to wars, arms trades, so-called 'economic growth', investments, exploitative multinational corporations, human greed, wealth, all the dark forces of capitalism and help everyone to be happy with subsistence living of the greenest kind. so the earth may recover, as you have. No time should be lost - if we are to recover with respect and dignity for our poorest and neediest fellow humans.
What a blessing and healing this would be- my poem for the earth,
Love from a very unexceptional, but fortunate, granny

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