Kay Flatten's Letter

To members of the Senedd committee - Climate Change, Environment and Infrastructure,

Dear Llyr, Janet, Huw, Delyth, Jenny and Joyce

My thoughts were with you today at 9:30 as your Climate Change, Environment and Infrastructure Committee met at the Senedd. I was at the Senedd yesterday for a Silent Vigil where 16 people sat for an hour and sent their thoughts to all of you and others in government expressing gratitude for your work and a sense of urgency in further action for climate change. We were gathering as part of the UK Climate Coalition, and partner Climate Cymru's Great Big Green Week. As part of GBGW I heard John Griffiths, MS speak about the challenges of governing during climate change. He mentioned a unique piece of legislation which gives Wales an advantage for a better future. This is the Well-being for Future Generations Act of 2015. Since your work is mandated to hold the Welsh Government to account for climate change policy, I assume you use this Act regularly. For that, the group who gathered on Wednesday, thanks you.

I personally would encourage you to consider the Extinction Rebellion, third request for a Citizens Assembly. Wales could again be the first parliament to do so. That Assembly could be more help than hinderance, if they were mandated to work with you. Much thought has gone into this concept so giving it consideration by the Climate Change, Environment and Infrastructure Committee would be seen as an inclusive action, and one which would once again put Wales ahead of other nations. With utmost sincerity, KF

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