Katherine Hussey's Letter

To my darling daughter, Anna,

October, 2030 will see your seventh wedding anniversary - a great cause for celebration! - BUT I do hope that prospects for your future (and even more for any child or children you might wish to have) are measurably better now than at time time of writing, when institutionalised negligence and inertia regarding the twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss continues, despite the findings and urgent appeals to action of such reputable sources as the IPCC and Dasgupta Review. For you and Matt I want to see a future in which the natural world (our precious and only home) is beginning to recover and burgeon again and in which human collaboration and innovation across innumerable sectors is enabling a thrilling and complete transition away from fossil fuels and towards the stabilisation of our climate and the ecosystems which depend upon it. ALL THIS IS TECHNICALLY ACHIEVABLE and my heartfelt wish for you and all future generations is that you may live to see, promote and participate in a new era of joy, collaboration and profound respect for life.

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