Rita Thompson 's Letter

To my grandsons Alfie and Zeph,

My darling boys.
Grandpa and I love you so much, so much that we cannot bear the thought that your future is in jeopardy.
The climate crisis is not the legacy that we thought we would be leaving to you.
For years we have trusted the politicians who have vowed to combat climate change and the reality is that they have done too little too late.
I really find it difficult to comprehend their lack of action as all of them must have families. They know that their children and the younger generation in the families are going to end up facing a climate catastrophe of unimaginable proportions, the science is clear and yet they choose to ignore it. They know that there are actions that can be taken now, but choose to kick the can down the road. Well soon they will be running out of road and kicking the can over the cliff edge. Do they think that their personal wealth is going to protect them - and everyone else can just struggle and die? That’s what it feels like.
This country can afford to turn the situation around, we can’t afford not to. There is enough money, it is a political decision as to where the money comes from and how it is spent. How can they say that ensuring there is a future for humanity and the planet is unaffordable?
I am so angry with them for destroying your future happiness and security. I am angry with them for destroying this beautiful planet as we know it.
For your future security I am trying to change my ways to limit my personal impact on the planet as much as possible. You have to know that when I am gone, I did try.
I want your future to be safe, a future in which you can access all the wonders of nature that we do now - and more.
I want the politicians to start taking real action, to take the climate emergency seriously, to address it as if we are at war, a war that we can and must win, because to lose would be catastrophic.
Because I love you both so much, because I could never give up on you, I am going to keep on fighting for your future.
With all my love,
Grandma xx

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