Charlotte 's Letter

To my Son Isaac,

I fear that the future may look bleak and worrying to you, that the winters will only get colder and wetter and the summers will scorch you and make the natural world around you that you love suffer. We have seen what feels like the first of these extremely harsh summers this year, in our safe little pocket in England. Meanwhile floods and forest fires and other climate disasters engulf the world and creep ever closer. How long before the Shire too is burning?

I hope that the governments of our world have pulled together and turned against profits and oil companies and that they have managed to change things. We tried, all of us small people chipped away at the big problem by making changes, we tried to do our bit but governments and big powerful businesses need to have made policies that affect big changes.

This letter may sound defeatist but hope is waning in these crucial days, I hope your future looks bright but I fear the worst. One thing I know is that you are resilient and you are kind and you know that your actions effect others, if only the people with real power to make change had the empathy of a child. If more people valued nature over money what a merrier world it would be.

With love, your Mum xxx

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