Bob Reitemeier's Letter

To my unborn grandchild,

As I write this letter, you have not arrived yet. We do not know what colour your hair will be, the shape of your eyes, the brightness of your smile. What we do know is that you will be the centre of our new world.

I am writing this to you now, whilst there is still time to stop the climate crisis which is engulfing the world as we know it. My hope is that your childhood is full of outdoor adventure, exploration and love for all living creatures and plants. All life is precious and should be respected.

My fear is that my generation will not do enough now to combat the crisis. I fear that we will fail to do what is right even though it is staring us in the face.

At Hope for the Future we are working hard to reach people all over the country to help them talk to their elected representatives about climate change. We believe in the voice of the people and in change through meaningful conversations.

Compassion, collaboration and hope - these are the legacies I hope to leave for you.


Bob Reitemeier, Interim Director, Hope for the Future

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