Ulrike Munford's Letter

To my unborn grandchildren,

My darlings,
"Even if I knew that the world is going to end tomorrow, I would plant a little apple tree today" I am encouraged by this quote from Martin Luther to do the same. I have been campaigning, signing petitions and supporting conservation and pressure groups for decades and finding it often difficult to not be drawn into despair because not nearly enough seems to be done to stop climate emergency. When I was little, I loved looking at (even picking) abundant flowers, watching birds, newts, dragonflies, butterflies, beetles, bees, grass hoppers and so many other insects and animals. I am so lucky to still be able to do that in my lovely wildlife garden. It brings me back into the now and actively participating in local hands on wildlife conservation is keeping me sane.
I wish so very much that you can still enjoy the same!
I still have great hope. I am encouraged by and so grateful for the many people who seem to be waking up, standing up against further destruction of pristine habitats, contributing to habitat restoration around the world, inventing, improving new technologies, cleaning up rivers and oceans, all while most governments still keep supporting large companies going for short term profit. Do those politicians and decision makers not have children or grandchildren? Do they really not understand what they are doing?
My little sweethearts, I envisage a life for you in which you can live in harmony with an abundant nature, a world in which people of all backgrounds are able to live and prosper, a kinder and more loving world, a world worth living in. I know it is still possible!
With all my love and hope that I might still be there with you for a little while
your Grandma

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