Hari's Letter

Future family,

My letter to future family

I am writing this because our planet has been dying and I am trying to say to people in power make a change to save the planet. Climate change levels have never been higher and this is not an achievement, by 2030 it might be irreversible and that would be the end or if we all do something we could save our planet.

It is simple things like don’t litter, pick up rubbish, walk or cycle and don’t use cars that put greenhouse gases into the air. It might be the right time to invest in electric vehicles. One change in your day to day life is all it takes.

Our planet should be clean with wildlife all over it but with how it is going it doesn’t seem like it will happen. I want you to experience life how it should be, going to the beach on sunny days or seeing snow in the winters, climate change ruins our planet and all I want is our planet to be a safe, harmless environment

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