Andrea Bradley's Letter

To my granddaughters Amy, Lily, Millie & Eloise,

To My Wonderful Granddaughters

I write this letter in hope that by the time you are adults our World may indeed be a better place. I hope we as the supposedly intelligent race have saved the animals large & small, I hope that insects are once again thriving. I sincerely hope that farming methods have changed to encourage more insects, more diversity on the farms, the supposed "guardians" of our countryside.

I want to apologise for our Government who really only care about lining their own pockets financially, they seem not to care that we MUST look after our environment, nature knows best but we need to stop interfering with the balance.

And finally, I hope you don't use wetwipes like the adults (particularly young parents) do, use a cloth to wipe your child's face not wet wipes, then wash the cloth out - my grandparents and parents never used wet wipes or disposable nappies, all contain single use plastic - oh and please don't buy water in bottle!!! It comes out of your tap at home so please use a re-usable water bottle and if the water tastes odd because of all the added chemicals, then buy a filter jug to keep in your fridge.

Finally, never think that little changes don't count because they do....
"Out of little acorns Great Oaks grow"
I love you all
Granny/Nanny (Andrea) xxx

Ps. I truly hope that the water companies are still not polluting our water ways as they are currently doing, pumping raw sewage into our waterways. The Government need to jail and heavily fine those in charge, stop putting the shareholders profits before the safety of our waters - Nature can only take so much.....

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