Maggie's Letter

To my ghost, to urge her to forever haunt those who destroy the planet I love,

A nightmare vision drove me to campaign for years to stop oil drilling destroying the Isle of Wight, designated a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve for its diverse and beautiful landscapes and coast, unspoilt estuaries, dark skies, rare wildlife, ... In 2015, the Government issued licences for oil companies to drill over half of the Island, much of it designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and despite the instability of much of the land, especially coastal areas.

The Island is by no means the only scenic area of the country to be targeted for oil and gas extraction. Whereas our planning committee voted unanimously to reject an application in 2021, and the company decided not to appeal, other areas have not been so fortunate.

No new oilfields, onshore or offshore, can be built if the UK is to meet its net zero target to save our planet.

Here is my song: it has a chorus and a tune.

Keep Oil in the Earth

Where orange flares
Light up the sky
And myriad stars are dimmed,
The air we breathe
Is choking us,
Defiled our ocean wind;
The food we grow
Is poisoning us,
Our water isn't fit to drink;
The ground is quaking from the shocks,
Our homes collapsing in landslips.

Don't let the greedy cowboys drill
Our precious land
For dirty oil;
They promise fortunes from the spoils,
But only they will gain.

When sky turns black
And wind whips up
And rain begins to pour,
Gigantic waves
Like batt'ring rams
Advance upon the shore;
Storm after storm
Will lash the coast
Till it can take no more:
The sea wall breaks
And waves smash through,
Submerge our homes and stores.


There isn't time
For apathy;
We have to change our path:
Reduce demand
For energy,
Keep oil in the earth;
Step up our use
Of sun and wind,
Make buildings carbon-free;
Use international laws to end
All rampant corporate greed.


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