Hanne Stenstad's Letter

To my grandchildren,

I have been a grandmum for a few years, and in two months time I will have a new granddaughter. I worry for their future, every single day. We're heading for a new heatwave here in Norway,and I am reminded of an article from the Guardian, retweeted by Greta Thunberg in Sept 2020, about a report from IEP stating that the climate crisis could displace as many as 1.2 billion people by 2050, because up to 31 countries will not be able to resist eco threats. Norway is not one of them, neither is England, Wales, Scotland or N Ireland, but further south the dangerous warming in the climate will make people lose their homes. So many people ignore all the signs, call it a hoax and move on with their lives. I'm glad there are so many young people today ready to fight the dragons that lives among us, but we owe it to them to present them with a planet we managed to save, even though we were extremely close to the tipping point. We shouldn't feel noble because we make the odd sacrifices in our daily life, it's our duty to the people who come after us. Dear Eira, Timo and my yet unknown and unborn granddaughter, I love you to the moon and back, and I want it to be a planet here for you to live on. Let's do this together💚💙🌍

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