Simon Brotherton's Letter

My nephews, Saul and Zane,

I can't imagine what the world is like in your future. I know your mother raised you with a great respect for the beauty of nature and loved exploring the great outdoors with you.

I hope as you've grown and things have happened in your life, like higher education and even jobs, you've kept just a little of that excitement, wonder and energy that you both have and channelled it into respect for your planet.

It's true that one little thing makes hardly any difference, but lots of little things does. Your efforts to help the planet, however small you may think, will have a difference. As you read this as teenagers or even young adults I hope you realise this as much as I do.

Whatever state the planet is in now, I know there is still good work to be done, and whichever small way you can, I really hope that you are a part of it.

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