Sally Geller's Letter

To My Grandchildren,

A good person once told me that it was no good trying to encourage politicians to think about the climate emergency, the only way to make a difference was for us all to do what we can, in our own lives and areas of influence.

Well, good people have been doing their part for decades, but it’s no longer enough. We need bigger sustainable actions across all countries. We need to be working with the environment not against it. Humans are being selfish; they forget they are not the only life force on this earth being affected by our lack of vision.

The terrifying signs are here - more storms, more extreme weather events, ice caps melting, extinctions, an exponential loss of biodiversity - and so many of the simple everyday things we take for granted are already changing.

My hope for you, and for your children, is that we have acted and given this planet, our home, the space and time it needs to breathe again and to recover so that you can experience this planet in all its potential glory.

I want to believe we will look back on these dark days, realise how close we came to disaster, to losing everything, and know that we woke up to the reality of our situation and pulled together when it mattered most.

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