Antonio Ferrara's Letter

Dear Arthur and Rafe,

Boys, I'm writing this letter in 2023, when you were 6 and 3 years old. If it isn't 2050 yet - put this letter back and don't peek until it is!

Good, so it should be 2050 now. I'm hoping that when you read this, the world is on a path to recovery from the damage we caused. I hope it's a world only 2.5 degrees or so warmer than it 'should' have been, and that you've been able to adapt to the food supply crises, the increased flooding and fires, and that, having reached 'Net Zero' by now, you're in a world that's well on its way to working out how to be carbon negative, so the planet isn't still heating up despite all you've worked for.

When your mother and I had you, we knew things were looking dicey for the planet. You are our statement of optimism about the future, and I hope for your sake that we weren't wrong. I really hope that we have been in time to stop the worst effects of global warming, and if I haven't tried hard enough then I am so very very sorry.

As I write this, I'm working for Oxfordshire County Council. I'm trying to persuade people that, even though each of us only makes a small difference to the world, together, we have a voice. That councils can help residents who want to live more sustainably to do so. That they can persuade others of the need to prepare for a changing world, and that they can show national and international governments what can be done locally, but also help residents to channel their anger and frustration into meaningful pressure on those systems that perpetuate our current spiral into destruction. The work my colleagues here at OCC do makes me confident we can make a difference.

I'm worried for you, and for me, but I know that with enough stubbornness, enough passion and enough care for each other, we'll be able to stop damaging the planet. It'll be up to you to clean up the mess we've left of it though. Call it payback for my clearing up the mess you left of your bedroom!

All my love and hope for you,


PS. Mummy reminds me not to worry because she's been training you in post-apocalyptic survival skills since before you could walk.

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