Leah Barsby's Letter

future self,

30th September 2022

To my future self,

I am writing to my future self in 10 years to see how life will have changed. The environment is a wonderful place to live in but who knows how the world will be in 10 years time. i hope that people have started to help towards climate change more. Climate change is a huge priority in the world to this day but not enough people help towards it. I hope that in the years to come, more people re-use items you have already used and recycle all the items that can be recycled. I hope that the government step up to the challenges we face. At this point, there is not enough people trying to help the environment and I hope that more people help to save this world. I want everyone to be able to have food and drink and have the resources they need. We all need to help with plastic pollution, deforestation. Trees are being cut down for houses to be put on there areas. I hope they limit the amount of trees cut. I want the future be an enjoyable environment and a relaxing place to live with no issues.

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