Kate 's Letter

To My Future Grandchildren,

I am writing this on the 25th May 2023 and I really hope that by the time you read this letter the world is a better place.
We live in a beautiful world, but by each passing day we are seeing the destroying results by our ignorance.
If your parents have told you anything about me, they will have talked around how I hate plastic, and the need to reduce this in our home was encouraged all the time. I also love to be outdoors walking and taking in all our beautiful scenery, which is becoming less beautiful as the days pass.
The damage plastic is causing is devastating, it spoils our beautiful beaches, we have mass amounts of plastic polluting oceans and other waterways, killing ocean and terrestrial Wildlife, and to top it off it takes up lots of space, and produces chemical pollution, so please have a little think when you’re buying products, and always recycle 😊.
We are trying our best now, to make the world a better place for your future and at the time of writing this letter I work for the Coop, and our business have always been at the forefront of removing hidden plastic and unnecessary packaging, moving from 46% of our products being easy to recycle to 100%. Since 2018 we have removed 4467 tonnes of plastic from our own brand products and packaging, and we are super proud of this. However, this is only one element of the problem & I live in hope that globally we continue to work really hard on sustainable developments that meet the needs of today without compromising future generation’s ability to meet their own needs.
My greatest fear is, despite the science & the multiple early warning signs that we bear witness to like, record temperatures, extreme weather condition, fire’s floods & droughts, glacial retreats & our coral reefs dying on a continental scale that society might wake up, but it will be too late… We need everyone to play their parts & our leaders to think about tomorrow more than today.
So please keep up the great work in protecting our world so your grandchildren can enjoy our beautiful beaches, and countryside and remember use less plastic, don’t litter, recycle and don’t be afraid to speak up. 😊

With Lots of Love
Nanna Kate xx

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