Tara 's Letter

To my future self,

I hope 2030 is going very differently to 2020.

I hope my friend Pakstan, in Cambodia, isn't still worrying about her crops being flooded and destroyed each year.

I hope my friend Segondu, in the Amazon rainforest, isn't still worrying about having no fish to eat because oil spills are killing his main food source in the Amazon river.

I hope my friend Sonali, in Bangladesh, isn't still worried about her country not existing due to rising sea levels, or lung disease due to severe air pollution in her country.

I hope my friend Bryce, in Australia, isn't still worried that his house is going to burn in forest fires, due to drought and climate change.

I hope my friend Tim, in the UK, isn't still suffering from severe mental health issues, due to worrying about that the state of our planet and feeling as though nobody is listening to him.

I hope that I am not still worrying about all my friends every single day.

I hope 2030 is going very differently to 2020.


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