Mollie McCauley's Letter

To my future self,,

Well how’s life? How’s things going? Are things still the same? Do you still live where you used to or have you moved? Did you ever get that electric mint green fiat 500 with the pink stripe that you have longed for forever!? Did you finally visit Paris and have you started travelling the world bit by bit like you want to? Are you a teacher and what things are you teaching your class, are you one of those boring teachers talking about climate change or are you the cool, exciting teacher that is helping to take a stand against climate change like you said you were gonna do, have you set up the really cool local 50 seater bike to collect all the kids in your school which helps save the environment AND helps those kids get excercise! OR have you done like you always said you would and planted a tree for every new student that comes to the school…. Those Sound like great plans to me!

Anyway as soon as you get this letter reply to me because I need to know what is happening ASAP!!!!
Hope to here from you in the near future…
Yours sincerely,
Mollie aka Mollz

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