Veronica Hepworth-Taylor's Letter

To the children I chose not to have.,

We've made such a mess of this beautiful planet & spoiled it so much already. I'm 80 now & am so saddened by so much that has happened during my lifetime.
Politicians used to use the slogan "It's the economy stupid" to convince themselves that was what voters were only interested in. I know that not to be true & believe that it is an insult to most people the world over. It is the Well Being Economy that we are interested in. We want planetary health, we want regenerative farming, we want clear air, we want an NHS we can all rely on to give efficient care at home & good health care worldwide.
We want politicians to look to the future not just to their own careers & short-term goals. The world needs new thinking, compassion not greed, innovation, money well spent with future vision not wasted on damage - damage which would have been averted had they started to tackle climate change 30 years ago.
We can't go backwards but we can & must go forwards with the courage that society will & can be led to make brave decisions & put up with hardships if in the long run everyone will benefit.
We are not the selfish, uncaring people politicians chose to think we are. Give us some credit & test our good will towards each other & the planet we love & cherish.

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