Jane 's Letter

My darling granddaughter Roisin,

I am so concerned about what is happening to our planet. I have always loved nature , it has been so important to me.
I have been campaigning and supporting ways to protect nature since I was 8 years old.
I want to let you know that I will and have been ceaselessly campaigning so that you can have a future on this beautiful planet .
Without action from our leaders this planet will become more and more difficult to live on, with less and less natural places , wild places and fewer and fewer fellow creatures surviving: animals that we have shared this planet with for all of our existence as humans.
I know you love animals and particularly elephants and I really hope that they have survived and that our leaders, politicians and those with power , wealth and Influence have done the right thing and that you are now living in a safe stable environment, where nature thrives
All my love
Granny J

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