Anish Subramaniam 's Letter

To the children of tomorrow,,

My Hindu faith has always taught me to live in harmony with our divine world. With the supreme atman present in everything, I have learnt to respect all - from mighty mountains to humble insects. As a Hindu and as a climate activist, I realise that we all have a duty to selflessly serve and maintain the well-being of our sacred Mother Earth (Bhoomi Devi). However, the disasters of the climate crisis have further amplified this sacred duty and the implications of neglecting our planet. In the future, I pray that we live in harmony with nature by respecting an ecosystem delicately balanced for millennia.

Instead of exploitation, I hope to see selfless service - where we can use our time and resources for the benefit of others without expecting anything in return. Sewa is such an integral part of Hindu culture and I hope that this universal concept can allow more people to embrace an experience larger than themselves. Instead of over-consumption, I pray that we seek contentment in the natural resources that Mother Earth generously provides. Instead of climate inequalities, I wish to see global cooperation for a peaceful world. In the future, I pray that our universal sense of duty guides our world for generations to come.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.

Anish Subramaniam

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