Paula Shaw's Letter

To my daughters (Becca and Kate) and grandchildren (Dan, Ruby and Jacob),

I am sorry the campaigns for climate justice have not worked yet. You know I have tried to do my bit but it is not enough.
I am so grateful to WILPF International and WILPF UK for the excellent work they have carried out at all the COPs and especially to the small working group in UK who developed the Climate Justice Exhibition for COP 26. I am also grateful for the venues who have hosted the exhibition throughout 2022 (especially Homerton Library in Hackney and Arbeit Gallery in Hackney Wick).
People want to do their bit to help and are changing their lifestyles but the UK government does not give any priority to Climate Justice. Listening to wonderful programmes about what we could do encourage me to keep trying. I hope you see the positive results.

We need a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty in the same way we have a UN Treaty to prohibit Nuclear Weapons (TPNW). This well researched proposal; is supported by experts and Nobel laureates. Fossil fuels are driving the climate crisis now but we can stop this.
I only hope you also feel able to keep supporting our attempts to halt the climate crisis and maybe, just maybe, sense will prevail and you can enjoy a healthy planet.

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