Kenneth Maurice's Letter

Every child being born right now and future would-be parents,

I'm so sorry we messed this beautiful planet up and crippled it for you. It was a paradise, full of amazing biodiversity and wonderful creatures that we shared it with, But even though we knew we were facing a climate emergency and knew what to do to halt it and change things from getting worse we failed to do so and I cannot apologise enough for that. We have no excuses, but we failed, we let you down and now it is too late. The climate will never recover from the damage we have caused and even though protesters warned about all this too many people in power failed to listen and now it is too late, too many tipping points have been reached and we are all going to face a very alarming and dangerous future that is only set to get worse as each decade passes from now on. To every child being born at this moment I hope you get through the rest of your natural lives without too much stress and discomfort - to every potential parent or adult that is thinking now of having a child soon - I would advise to please not - the future is too scary for any child to be raised in from now on.

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