Lesley Dance's Letter

To my Great Nephew who was born today,

Welcome to the World !

I want to tell you about Climate Change. This planet is utterly beautiful with all the resources human beings could ever need. But we got too greedy, wanted too much and ended up changing the climate through burning too much fossil fuels. As a result we brought upon ourselves our very own destruction. The animals and plants that share the planet with us grew fewer and fewer as we squeezed them out of the small space we had left them and the trees that we owed so much to were cut down in vast numbers.

My hope to you is that by the time you are grown governments and those that hold real power in front and behind the scenes, will listen to the science, will realise that we need nature to survive and will at last, take real action and repair the earth as best they can.

By doing so, you will then see the fantastic array of animals and plants that we share this earth with and enjoy the very wonder of them. We need them just like they need us, all things are connected.

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