Sarah's Letter

Dear Future Phoenix Events (East) Ltd team,

I hope this letter finds you in an even better position than you were when it was written in September 2022.

Whilst you have grown from a micro business to a small successful business growing at a rapid rate you still are able to focus on social causes, the focus on impact to people is often shared on social media, the focus on your impact at being one of the pioneers to make Norwich a living wage city, and a living wage pension pioneer the first security company in the UK. There is little celebrating the moves that make the planet smile too.

As a company to reduce our carbon footprint we launched our own bring your own bottle initiatives to our events ensuring vendors would be happy to support this and fill the customers own vessels, thus reducing plastic waste at events, also as an extra, all of our staff are asked to see it, pick it up, bin it at events to reduce litter pollution.

Each summer, event staff are issued metal re-usable water bottles, these are more durable, keep drinks cool and are more likely to be reused again deducting the number of plastic bottles that are used and binned unnecessarily.

For events further afield we operate car sharing initiatives to reduce the number of cars attending, again reducing out carbon footprint. We also signed up with Ecologi to again further reduce our carbon footprint with travel. We pride ourselves on being that business that not only provides security services for the public but also provides some planetary security by making these changes to offset her carbon footprint.

Recently our office team has expanded, we have ensured that the team are able to work from home to again keep travel to a minimum, we are also almost completely online based therefore almost completely eliminating the need for printing, our goal for 2023 is to be completely paper free.
Where possible, meetings are now held online again removing a lot of travel that leads to a lot more emissions. Adam has also begun to work with some of our client companies on reducing their lighting needs and has more of these booked in.

I hope when you read this in the future you can add to the list and tell me how much more of an impact we have made on keeping our planet a little greener. In the meantime I’m off to sign up for Ecologi newsletters as they will plant a tree if I do.

Yours Sincerely

Phoenix Events (East) Ltd. Admin Team

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