Joe Kessler's Letter

To me, my children and friends,

I'm writing in the hopes we have created a better environmental and sustainable future for ourselves. And, continue working to preserve this great gift of Our World given to us.

Unfortunately as a boy, and until the last two decades, our world has been taken for granted by me and the people around me. Our world has been littered with trash, filled with non-recycle plastics, over reliant with non-sustainable fuels, stripped of natural resource and more. We are now paying the price of these mistakes from our fore fathers and fore mothers with ozone issues, global warming, insufficient resources, poor water quality, and more.

But, we took real action in the early 2020's , stepped-up the efforts since 2000 and 2010's, and made a real difference. We reversed our trends. We took personal accountability for buying goods in sustainable packaging, recycling all we could, reducing waste by not buying too many clothes and personal items, build homes with solar and geothermal systems. And, we led social sustainably for our organisations. We championed carbon neutral and carbon reduction, we didn't sell unsustainable products and we protected our farmland and animals.

I ask we continue making this difference or our next generation will not have this gift of Our World.

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