Roseanne Gough's Letter

Harper Douglas Cousin's Daughter (aged 2 & a half years),

Dear Harper,

I have been fighting to protect our amazing planet for your beautiful self :) to be able to enjoy nature at its fullest! By petitioning/campaigning online & on foot for the past 20 years. Unfortunately there have been too many bad & ignorant people destroying it for decades..more than half a century actually, in many different ways. Such as cutting down gorgeous vital/ancient trees in even remote parts of the world, where indigenous (you might need to research, as I am sceptical, they will still be around in 2030) live & rely on them & once thrived. Not to mention all the wildlife & biodiversity that depend upon them. Particularly for me the adorable & very human like (97% actually) Orangutans, who make their beds high up in the canopies.

Another way the Earth has been probably irreversibly harmed, is by all the drilling/extracting of Fossil Fuels for Gas & Oil. In my opinion it has been like sucking the blood out of the planet & just like if you did that to a Human, it would slowly begin to die :( I know this isn't very pleasant but that is exactly the reason, good & smart people like yourself, need to stand up to the Government's & Big Businesses in the world & encourage every day people to work & live in a more healthier, sustainable way of life. Before it is too late, which we are on the trajectory for right now, that is why it is not just important but crucial for ALL living creatures, that we individually & collectively continue in this FIGHT for all our futures sakes.

Our Air, Water & Food, have all been poisoned of sorts sometimes unintentionally & I hate to say sometimes intentionally..because it was the cheaper option. As it is unfortunate that the people at the top of our societies, who have the power to change things, have been putting profit before people for many years now! This is to the detriment of all living being's health & needs to be rectified. We need to stop using & burning Fossil Fuels/Tree's & any other products that are harmful to us/animals & the environment.

There are people dying annually because of pollution that is in the air. We need to do things in a cleaner way to prevent this. In certain part of the world people's drinking water is contaminated by lead & various other manmade/used chemicals. I am hoping at the time of reading, we have reduced the plastic pollution in our waterways & oceans to a minimal amount, as this has had disastrous effects on aquatic life (inc. ourselves :0). As for our food, I am also hoping meat consumption has declined, not just for the sake of our own health & the environment but for the poor animals, that are caged & treated appallingly :( Also the unhealthy additives that are put in our food, especially processed, are produced at a cost to the environment. I have faith in people though & hope by the time you read this, they have modified their diets to more organic/fresh/eco-friendly options.

Anyway, I could go on but I really hope that you will pick up, where I leave off & take action whenever possible against corruption/destruction & mindless tyranny. Or failing that, just be conscious of your own footprint through this life, please tread with care & diligence & I wish you & your future family, a long wonderful, peaceful, wild & free life on this special planet!!

Abundance of love,
Roseanne xxxx

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