Kay Flatten's Letter

To my Brother, Dick,

An Atlantic Ocean separates us, so communication is often difficult with time changes. Yesterday your son Mark must have accidentally phoned me when sitting on his mobile at 1:35AM my time. I was asleep and the next morning when I realised Mark called I knew he was then asleep. I must be honest and say I was concerned because he would not call so late if there was not an urgency. I feared for your health and wellbeing because you and I, brother, are hovering near our life expectancy. It was some hours before he was awake and emailed me with news that you were fine and his call was an accident. What relief.
The emotions and thoughts I had during those hours awaiting news from Mark were very interesting. I attended a Great Big Green Week talk by an Environmental Sociologist and a Member of the Welsh Parliament. Both highlighted the challenges ahead as Wales faces climate change. I suspect they are different for Kansas; however, there is no question the resources needed to support the ballooning world population and the by-products from developing and using those resources creates problems. While still thinking of you, I acknowledged that we won't suffer like our children and grandchildren. It is unlikely we make it to the 2030 target year and definitely not the 2050 zero carbon goal. Does that mean we can sit back and watch it all unfold? I can't do that and I think you can. My reason for action is because we hold the wealth as those younger family members focus on cash flow. I no longer manage my wealth to make more of it. Instead, I make choices on banks, service providers and goods based upon how those companies are managing change for the future. Well bro, here is to our families and future. I'm thrilled you will read this and smile. Love, Sis

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