Robert Tollemache's Letter

Finn, Poppy, Lizzy and Felix,

Dear Finn, Poppy, Lizzy and Felix,

I'm writing to you about the climate emergency. We are already living with the consequences of the reckless expansion of burning fossil fuels over my lifetime, since 1937. We already see this in extreme weather events, floods, droughts, hurricanes, heatwaves. At 1.2 above pre-industrial levels We are already nearing the safe maximum level 1.5 of CO2 in the atmosphere, the agreement reached in Paris in 2015. Not enough is being done to keep CIO2 levels down to 1.5. I will probably be dead within 10 years, but you all have your lives to lead for many decades ahead, and you will have to live with the failure of my generation to rein in CO2 emissions and develop non CO2 emitting sources of energy. Please forgive me and the rest of my generation across the world for this catastrophic failure.

From your loving granpa

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