Rosemary Rayner's Letter

To my grandchildren,

I have cared a lot about the natural world since I was a teenager in the 1970's. This year it has become clear that the climate crisis is here now, as predicted. Although we still see beauty in the natural world around us, we know that many species are in decline and some have become extinct. If nothing is done, mankind itself is under threat. We know the rise in sea levels and flooding will drive many thousands from their homes, fires and storms will be common and droughts will affect not just Africa, but Australia and Asia, America and Europe. We hope that you will all do what you can to help others less fortunate than you are.
We want to protect your future world by taking action now, so we are already disinvesting in fossil fuels, using green energy, reducing our consumption, pledging not to fly in aeroplanes, reusing and recycling when we can. This may not be enough, without the political will from the government to make radical changes.
We hope that Mr Sunak and his cabinat will listen to us, before it is too late.
Love from

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