Cat Jenkins's Letter

To my daughters, Catherine and Lizzy,

My dearest girls,

I so hope you're going to have the chance to grow up in a world that's as safe, beautiful and crammed with diverse life as the one I did. But I fear it's not to be so.

What a mess we've made of this lovely planet: and how sorry I am that it's your generation that will be picking up the pieces. You're going to need to be adaptable, and brave, to make your way in this world.

My prayer for you is that you find yourselves friendships and communities that are loving and supportive, and that humankind stops adding to the damage it's doing to the natural world - so that as much as possible is saved, and that you and your generation can live in harmony with nature.

I'm so sorry for the state of the world you're inheriting from my generation. As you know, I spend much of my time working to try and improve things, for you two and for others. Do the same, if you can - appreciate the beauty and abundance of this world, cherish and protect it whenever possible. Although it's been sorely damaged, there is still much to love and take joy do that, and be blessed.

With all my love, always

Your mum

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