Denise's Letter

To all future generations,

I hope that you will realise that some of us cared about your future. That we wanted to leave the planet in a better shape than it was when we entered it. I realise that this is unlikely now and it breaks my heart.

I have learnt a lot about human nature in my life. When you are young you trust the grown ups and when you get older you realise that many of the grown ups forget that people are trusting them. They forget the basics of human generosity, they forget the basics of caring for the future.

I wish I could change that. I wish I could press a magic button and wipe out the damage, return to a more symbiotic way of living with the planet. But of course that's wishful thinking.

But we can limit the damage. We can press pause, maybe even stop and at least change direction. There is hope in renewable energy, in natural conservation, in protecting more species - in caring enough.

I hope, with all my heart, that we do this and you start to see the benefits.

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