Sally Johnson's Letter

To my future grandchildren ,

When I try to imagine life in 2030 I feel sad. At present it does not seem that we are planning for a better world and I fear that the picture will be bleak.
Rubbish gathers in the city streets where increasing numbers of homeless people drift, takeout containers and plastic proliferate and spread into our countryside along roads pitted with potholes that no one ever fixes.
You will be growing up with roasting hot summer temperatures where air quality is poor enough to affect your lungs, water is a scarce resource and freshly grown food is only afforded to the rich.
In some parts of the world human life will be unsustainable and there will be millions of migrants on the move and no-one will know what to do with them.
Our country will not look very different from how it looks today, but I see more poverty, ghettos in our cities, flash floods being the norm and drab neglect of buildings, a crumbling health service and blame
everyone but ourselves culture.
Sadly I feel that you will have to learn to endure hardships that no young person is capable of imagining because the grownups who came before you thought only of their own selfish needs and put profit before the planet.
Love from Granny

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