Sarah stallwood 's Letter

To My Children, Jordan and Megan,

I love our world and all it has to offer, which is why I feel so sad at the way we treat it. I've always tried my best to do my bit for the environment but many a time I feel overwhelmed by the enormous task ahead. I would loved to have been able to do more for the environment but that often felt out of my grasp, which was mainly due to never having enough money to do so. I also wish I was a stronger character and had been more of an activist but I am in awe of those who try to raise awareness.
I feel I haven't passed my passion for the environment on to you both, I wish I had and only hope when you have Children of your own that you realise how important it is that we all do more to look after the planet.
Think about your actions and the impact it has on our world, try your best to look after it any way you can.
Love Mum. Xxx

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