Nick's Letter

To my four grandchildren, currently aged 7,5,4 and 1,

My dear grandchildren,

I’m desperately hoping that the governments of the world, plus businesses, civil society and individuals will knuckle down, after the disappointing UN conference (CoP27) held last month in Egypt – and get on with what needs to be done to keep climate change under control.

But today I’m not feeling optimistic because I am shocked and dismayed to hear that Secretary of State Michael Gove has approved the development of the new coal mine in Cumbria (Woodhouse Colliery). The UK has strong net zero targets and is encouraging other countries to phase out coal – but then look what we’ve just done!! What sort of example is that? I’ve written to our MP but I’m not too hopeful that we will do much. I wrote: ‘I am writing to ask you to do the right thing, namely to do your best to bring this government to it’s senses by reversing this approval.’

You may like to take a look at the following animation which illustrates the scale of the coal and CO2 production: It’s probably still available on the internet.

And what worries me even more today is that the pending decision on the Rosebank Oil Field in the North Sea may go the same way – which would be equally outrageous and completely unbelievable given the current climate crisis that is unfolding. Huge subsidies would be paid by the UK taxpayer to a Norwegian company and the oil would be sold on the world market, not even helping with our own current fuel security problems!

I wrote that we ALL need to get real about the climate crisis. Let’s hope the UK government comes to it’s senses.

Lots of love, as always, GRANDAD XXXX

PS. I desperately hope things are working out for you – if not, I wouln’t be surprised if you blame my generation.

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