Christine Townsend's Letter

To my Great-niece Livia,

My dear, lovely Livia.
I love your fun-loving and happy personality. Seeing pictures and videos of you dancing gives me such pleasure and joy. I hope you have a long, happy and fulfilled life, whatever you do when you grow up.
I know you enjoy tine spent in your local parks and when you visit beautiful places like the seaside, and woodland, but I am worried. I am worried about what my and your parents' generations will leave you to deal with if we don't act now to save our world. Your generation will be the one to face the worst of whatever we leave you and I hope you will forgive us if we leave a world crippled by global warming and pollution.
What I wish and pray for you is a world where the extremes of weather lessen, where all countries have enough water to drink and to grow food. I wish for a world where all life thrives, where species are brought back from the brink of extinction, where forest and woodland regrow and expand. I wish and pray for a world where we recycle nearly all our waste and clean up the seas from the blight of plastic. I wish for a nature where we all use green energy, and all have enough energy.
I pray for a world where nations talk and bring an end to war. I pray for a world where all have shelter, food and accessible health care, where all children - girls and boys - have free access to education at all levels.
I hope you continue to see and find joy in all you do and in all around you. May we do all we can to make sure the world we leave you, can give you all I have wished, hoped and prayed for.
All my love
God bless
Great-Aunt Chris

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